Artur Albanian rapper who is reaping success.

Artur Albanian rapper who is reaping success.

Artur is an Albanian rapper who has started his career since the beginning of 2021 and so far has made over 7 music projects published and successful on every platform.

Artur started his career with music entitled “Artur – N’Rruge“, this music of his today counts approximately 800k views with the support of followers that are not spared for him.

Arturi has had some very successful collaborations with some other Albanian and Italian rappers, Artur was invited a year ago to a very popular Albanian show by journalist Roza Lati where I tell about his career and successes he has achieved.

In recent days, Arturi has published his latest collaboration with a female rapper who apparently has been extremely liked by the public, which can be seen from the analysis of his music on Spotify as well as on Youtube, and we definitely want to mention and his Instagram overflowing with stories from his followers who have endlessly shared his latest music titled “Artur – Policia (Feat. Elia)“, Artur’s latest music has reached less than 24 hours 100k views which seems to be being seriously supported by his followers and is being liked a lot.
Artur has indicated that many of his projects will be launched soon and that 2022 will be a year full of new projects where there will be collaborations with many other artists.

We have no choice but to wait for the next projects from Artur and until then we wish them as much success as possible.